Thursday, March 27, 2014
Becoming Authors

This week we are finishing up our class book we are writing through the Studentreasures program.  Are you familiar with this publishing company? They publish hard-backed copies of the books your students write and illustrate.  We totally love this company and make at least one book each year.  

My favorite is our Sea Creatures book we make in the spring. Somehow we always end up with a March publishing date, so now studying the ocean habitat is permanently associated with March in my mind!.  

Actually, March works well, since writing non-fiction is pretty tricky for first graders and we need the time to hone our skills.  We keep the research simple, using fact cards to help us write our pieces.  Students must choose which facts they want to include in their reports, and transform phrases into their own original, complete sentences.  Very tricky stuff for six and seven-year olds!  We work on ideas, determining importance, descriptive language, organization, handwriting, and finally, illustrating (everyone's favorite part)! 

How do you publish you students' work?  I would love to hear from you...please comment below! 


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