Sunday, August 3, 2014

6 Easy Steps to Short Vowel Mastery

By following these 6 easy steps, your students will be immersed in short vowel learning!  They can't help but master those tricky short vowels and simple CVC word reading!

Here we go!

Whole Group Instruction

Use the Teacher's Guide to provide instruction to the whole class. Have students sing the Short Vowel Rule Song, Whisper Words to partners, and Share and Shout!

Anchor Cards provide a picture to remind students of the sound made by each vowel. 

Word Banks give you countless words to use as practice decoding.

Guided Practice

After the mini-lesson, students practice reading, building, and writing words with partners using the Clipboard Companion.

Word Sorts

Sorting Cards come with each unit to allow three different types of sorts:  

Picture Matching
Match the picture with the short vowel word.

Sound Sort
Use two sets of picture cards to sort by their vowel sound.

Super Sort
Sort pictures and word cards from several sets at the same time.

Sound Boxes

Sound boxes are perfect for small group instruction, remediation, and informal assessment!  After students have shown proficiency, put the sound boxes in Literacy Centers for Word Work review.

Manipulate Words

with Magnet Letters

Printables can be used in several ways:  whole group, homework, literacy centers, OR you can use them with magnet letters in a small group setting to provide support for struggling students.

Fluency Practice

One Breath Boxes and Fluency Phrases are great additions to a Fluency Center for lots of practice reading short vowel words.


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