Friday, October 10, 2014

Columbus, Pumpkins and Doubles- Oh My!

We have had such a busy week! 

I love talking about Columbus not because he is such an important historical figure, not because he "discovered " North America (define that, please), but because it provides an amazing opportunity to introduce my young learners to the globe.  What a fascinating tool! Most first graders really have no clue about the world outside their little town.  They may have heard the names of other states and countries, but unless they have visited them, they are just words to them.  Showing students a globe helps anchor some of these concepts and we spend a lot of time discussing the features of the globe and identifying some of the continents and countries they may have heard of. 

Of course, no study of Columbus would be complete without this book:

It was also an extraordinarily rainy week (again), so we took advantage of the teachable moment, tweaked the plans, and broke out one of my favorite books:

Last week we read this little gem on a stormy day and made Text-to-Self connections: 

We also created a T-chart for our connections (no photo-sorry!) sorting them by Connection to the Events in the story, and Connections to the Feelings of the characters.  This was a good opportunity for us to start discussing which type of connections are the most meaningful to help readers connect with the story.

So when we read Thundercake, students were able to make lots of Text-to-Text connections!  What a fun way to spend a rainy morning in the classroom together.  :)

Here is a Peek at My Week:
(click on it to get a page with hyperlinks)

Another fun activity this week was our Pumpkin Close Read: 

 The first day, we viewed and discussed the gorgeous photos of the pumpkin life cycle on the SMART Board and discussed the vocabulary.  Then we read through the "Growing Pumpkins" passage as a whole class, listening for understanding, following along while reading, and highlighting key vocabulary.  There are two other passages- one easier and one more challenging, but this one seemed like a good fit for the majority of my class.

The next day, we did a quick re-read, then used the text to answer questions orally (we'll work on writing later- right now we are practicing this new format!).  Students also completed the vocabulary page:

For Math this week, we focused on Doubles Addition Facts. 
We used my October Math Centers: 

But first, we had to start with the Doubles Rap:

 My October Math Centers have 5 different centers for teaching Doubles (plus 4 other topics- Counting On, Doubles +1, Odd & Even, and Comparing Numbers).  Here are the centers we used this week:

We use the 5th "center" as a double-sided Early Finishers activity- boy, what is it about these I Spy Color Code pages that firsties love so much????  I know, they are seasonal and FUN!!!

Phonics this week consisted of a digraph review using the students' favorite guy- Chunky Monkey:

Don't forget that for the entire month of October, all earnings from TPT will go to help my student who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  We just found out he will need a second surgery and a ton of therapy.  Please keep Trae and his family in your prayers, and support them by stopping by my TPT store!  Thank you so much!

 I am linking up this week with DeeDee Wills for her linky- make sure you check out other wonderful blogs!

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  1. I love teaching doubles using the Doubles Rap - it's so catchy!!

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