Monday, December 8, 2014

It's a girl! And a boy, and a girl....

Actually, it is 6 boys and 5 girls!

I am actually blogging on a Monday this week- 
I've been home all day playing midwife to our dear Lillie who gave birth to 11 healthy pups today!  

She looks a little ragged, but who can blame her?  I will give her a bath tonight and take a Glamour Shot, but for right now, we are both tired and proud (she always needs a little help, so I have to be totally vigilant for at least 10-14 hours when she delivers).  She chose to start delivering at 2 am this morning.  2 hours after I went to bed, that was.  
Aye yi yi!

And yes, she is in a kiddie pool.  Because it works GREAT as a birthing box, that's why.  

Today is also my oldest daughter Laura's 22nd birthday (the redhead in this pic), and she is VERY excited to share her special day with a new batch of puppies.  Puppies are the very best way to get college daughters to come home and visit more often- I'm just sayin'.

A little less exciting are my visual plans for this week... I am attaching a new page with links...let me know what you think!

Linking up with DeeDee!  Have a great week!


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