Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five for Fraturday

Hi everyone,
 I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs for 
her Five for Friday party this week, 
only I'm a bit late to the party! 
(story of my life)

Here are a few highlights from our week!

I can't believe January is over!  It was fast and furious here- whew!  This is a picture of our completed calendar (well, just the calendar part- there is a whole bulletin board full of calendar activities not shown here, of course!).  

This is from my Easy Peasy Pattern Practice Calendar set.  Each month, the pattern gets increasingly complex.  This month was an ABAC pattern, and they liked stretching from the simpler patterns in previous months
 (August started as an AB pattern and so on).

Next month is an ABBA pattern.  You can check out my February calendar cards by clicking on the picture below.  

Each month comes with two color options, two different style headers, lots and lots of special holiday cards, and 6 cupcake cards to mark student birthdays.  I've also included instructions for making the most of using this simple calendar system and maximizing learning for your young students.

This week my youngest had his 9th birthday.  
Happy Birthday, Joey! 
My, how time does fly!

Ok, so I have seen this experiment all over blogs this month, and I just had to try it.  It was so easy and the kids LOVED it!  We have spent the last two weeks learning about polar bears and penguins, so this experiment really made light bulbs go off!  
Oh, that's why those animals have blubber!  
Totally doing this every year from now on.

 Oh, how sad it makes me to have to cover up these cuties.  
You'll just have to imagine the sweet, intense concentration on their faces.

Each Friday we do a little thing we like to call "Fun Friday Math".  One of the stations is our class Grocery Store.  So simple, yet so effective for teaching number sense, coins, place value, addition, and store etiquette!  This sweet little girl had a birthday, so I let her be the cashier.  She loved it, and so did I!

 We are saying good-bye to our last puppy today. :(
Here is what our parlor looked like two weeks ago with 16 happy puppies from two litters:

And this is Snowflake.  She's been hanging with us an extra week because she is to be a surprise for a little boy's birthday.  So cute!  Please excuse the poor picture quality.  Trying to snap a picture of a wiggly puppy who just wants to play is like....well, like trying to take a picture of a wiggly puppy.  I consider this one a huge success!

Have a terrific weekend!


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