Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Chunky Monkey Cheat Sheet- a freebie for you!

Hello Friends!  It has been so long since I've been able to blog, but I'm sure you understand!  Something about Christmas with my husband, 5 kiddos, endless extended family, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 16 puppies may have something to do with my absence.  Oh yeah, and I've been busy knocking out 2 (almost 3) new Chunky Monkey Phonics Units.  But more about that later!

I'm here to tell you all about my Chunky Monkey Word Chunks reference sheet, or as my kids and I like to call it, the Chunky Monkey Cheat Sheet!  (they are shocked and excited at the same time to think that their teacher will actually let them, nay, encourage them to CHEAT!!! (but just for this one special way!)

We have laminated copies of this terrific resource ALL OVER our classroom:  in book buckets, at the guided reading table, in the Fluency Center, etc.  I even send them home with some students to use with their at-home reading practice.  It is THAT important, and here's why:

(click on the picture to download your free copy!)

Sometimes, occasionally, ok, pretty darn often, students get stuck on words that have common spelling patterns/chunks that they SHOULD be able to sound out.  Either because they haven't learned that chunk yet or because they have, but they've momentarily forgotten it (it happens).  

This is when the magic happens.  They just grab their Handy Dandy Cheat Sheet, and find the red chunk that matches the chunk in their unknown word.  When they find it on the Cheat Sheet, the picture helps them:

1. decode the anchor word
2. transfer it to their unknown word in their text.  


You won't believe how excited this can make young readers.  They solved that tricky word ALL BY THEMSELVES.  (Ok, not actually all by themselves, they did need the Cheat Sheet, after all).  But to them, it is a huge accomplishment not to have to ask for help.  

And the bonus is that having to find the chunk, figure it out, and transfer the sound to the new word is working wonders to help them really anchor that chunk in their brain.  They are going to be SO much more likely to remember the sound in the future!

The Chunky Monkey Cheat Sheet is designed to perfectly align with my Chunky Monkey First Grade Phonics series.  Each of the boxes on the Cheat Sheet is a unit from the series.  Each sound or chunk has an anchor word and picture that help the students remember it- that is what is listed there.

So, this past several weeks I have been working on finishing and uploading two new units:

Each unit has a teaching guide, anchor cards, word banks, mini-books, printables, sorting cards, sound boxes, assessment, and tips for differentiation.  
Here are the other units in the series:




And my newest baby is almost ready for uploading- look for it later this week!

Have a terrific week, friends!


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