Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Can you believe how perfect this was?  Today we were scheduled to cover the sound OW as in:

and we got  a lot of snow today in our area!  Several inches fell while the kids watched spell-bound from the window- wish I would have taken a pic of their sweet faces!

Anyhoo, the Clipboard Companions are part of my Chunky Monkey Phonics program.
The picture above is of one of my students working with our Clipboard Companion that goes with each sound in the series.  Students bring their pencils, clipboards and this printable to the carpet when I introduce the new sound.  They follow me on the easel and read words I write, then use their clipboard companion papers to work with partners to read words, build words, and write words containing the new sound.  

Having their hands busy and involving partner work with the lesson REALLY helps keep everyone engaged and participating the WHOLE LESSON.  I love it!  

So, my question for you is....what is your favorite trick to keep all students engaged during a whole group lesson?  I love hearing your ideas!

Here are the units I have created so far (Soft C&G, Diphthongs & Oddballs coming soon!)

Have a wonderful week and STAY WARM!  
I'm trying to!

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