Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday- Dr. Seuss Week!

It's Read Across America Week!
We are LOVING learning about Dr. Seuss this week!
Here are this week's Amazing Words (click here for a year's worth of thematic vocabulary and high-level reader sight words)

My amazing colleagues in my hallway put up these Truffula trees as a backdrop for our Lorax craftivities- how adorable are these?  And what a nice surprise to come to work and find them already done!!
I love working with such creative, talented ladies!

No Read Across America week would be complete without Dr. Seuss at the guided reading table!  I am busy, busy, busy with end of quarter assessments this week, so I put two buckets full of Seuss books out at the guided reading table and let the kids have at 'em while I pulled kids back to my desk for testing.  (Students rotate through as part of our literacy center/Reader's Workshop time.) 
You should have heard their squeals of excitement!!!

Some students have Dr. Seuss books at home, but most of our population does not, so this was a tremendous opportunity to expose them to repeated readings of engaging, fun texts like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Hop on Pop, Go Dog, Go!, and many others.  They were especially perfect for my lower two reading groups.  They were so proud of their ability to read these "real" books (not leveled readers, but ones they could actually check out at the library).  The higher kiddos enjoyed The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Yertle the Turtle, and Horton Hatches and Egg among others.

Have you tried Xtra Math?  It is for building math fact fluency, and we love it at our school.  All of first grade utilizes it-we set it up at our student stations and the kids cycle through throughout the day.  

There is an introduction video for the kids that shows them how to quietly tap the next student on the shoulder so they know to get up and go to the computer to take their turn without disrupting the class.  :)  Adorable!  They can also access their account at home, so I really try to encourage weekend practice (by bribing them, but hey, it works).  I also reward the class with a few minutes of a dance party at the end of the day if everyone gets through each day.  Nothing like a little dance party to get the job done! 

Two weeks ago, I changed my Helpers jobs to a Leaders system.  
 I have a Leader job for each student.  Students filled out applications and some even had to interview for their positions.  We are going to keep these jobs for 6 weeks and then apply for new ones.  I was very proud of my kiddos- they were very thoughtful about finding a job that was a good fit for them, and their reasoning on their applications was priceless.  One boy wanted to be our Greeting Leader because "I like to talk to people", and another applicant for Line Leader promised to "stand straight and face the front and never turn around to talk to the person behind me."  
Needless to say, they were both hired for the jobs. :)

 We are dabbling with the Leader in Me program this year- hoping to become a Leader in Me school in the next couple of years.  As part of our building's Leadership Committee, I have been helping spearhead the implementation with a few of the classrooms in the building.  I am still figuring it out and constantly having to find or create materials, but I am 100% sold on the value of this movement. 
Definitely posting more about this later!

And now for sad news....our dog Lillie needed a minor surgery this week.  She had a bad hematoma on her ear, and when she came home from the vet, she looked like this!  

Yes, those are BUTTONS in her ear!  How bizarre!  I was expecting the cone, but the buttons were a funny surprise.  She is slowly adjusting to this weird change of events.  Buttons and cone should be removed next week, in case you were wondering. :)

We just received this letter from the University of Kansas this is time for the Graduation Fair!  Time to order cap and gown, announcements, etc.  I guess it is real now- our first baby is actually graduating from college!  I'm really feeling like I'm in a time warp.  Wasn't it just a few months ago that she was starting kindergarten???

 And then I blinked.  
That's it.  
No more blinking!

Thanks for stopping by!  Head on over to see Kacey at Doodle Bugs to see more fun teaching blogs!

Enjoy your weekend!


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