Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A little bunny fun!

Last week was a blur- and then we had a busy Easter weekend!  
I tried to take lots of pictures on our last day before our 3 day weekend, I hope you enjoy!

First, we had fun finding our matching partners with these subtraction eggs.

My little friends took a Peep Poll (practice collecting data?  Check!) to see who liked Peeps, who didn't like Peeps, and who had never tried one.  

You can't see their faces, but these girls were ALL BUSINESS.  
Very serious about this data collection stuff. :)

But my boys were crazy excited!  Get to run around the room and ask all my friends questions?  
Yes, please!

Next,  we went outside to conduct our Peep Science experiment.  

  These were some SERIOUSLY on-task scientists.  
Until the baking soda and vinegar did their thing, that is.  
Then, basically, all h*** broke loose!
 (Let's just say I was so glad we did this one outside, for messiness and for voice volume reasons!)

After specials, my kids came back to find these little sweeties waiting for them!  Cue the squeals of excitement.  Now no one can say they haven't tried a Peep (except for me- still think I would find them gross).   I put a tiny container of Playdoh and a few Easter candies in there under all of that Easter grass.

And for a last picture, here is our beautiful tulip tree that blooms every Easter!  Isn't it pretty?  Ok, not the lawn.  We happen to have a very brown lawn until May every year.

If you liked the Peep Science activities we did this year, check out this terrific unit from 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too!


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