Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do you use Whole Brain Teaching?

I love some of the elements of Whole Brain Teaching.  
I admit to being a youtube-taught WBT'er since I have had no formal training, 
but I'm a big fan and I know it WORKS.  My class is proof, although I've never made a video to show you.  (Maybe someday????)

This is one of my favorite WBT teachers giving a lesson on inferring.  
So many of the Whole Brain videos online are about calendar time and transitions.   
I want the meat- you know, the good stuff.  
The heart of our day is instruction, and that is when I really need kids to be engaged, so that is when I like to use the Whole Brain methods like mirrors, teach/okay, and the scoreboard.  
You can't overuse it or it becomes ineffective, but this teacher show how to blend the Whole Brain techniques seamlessly with plain ole good teaching. 

I would love to be in her class- who wouldn't?!?!
Check out her other videos after this one.  I love them all.

Have a great Friday! :)


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