Sunday, April 19, 2015

Five for Friday and a Freebie

Hello, friends!  I'm linking up again for

This week we did one of my favorite writing activities....
descriptive writing with Pop Rocks!

from this unit by Babbling Abby:

First we wrote about how their size, color, shape, texture, sound, and smell.

Then it was tasting time!   

After the room settled down, we practiced writing similies and then started working on making our own writing more rich and descriptive. 

 It worked like MAGIC, I tell you! 

We also had this going on this week:

Each student gets one pencil with their initials on it (I also color-coded them with their reading group colors to keep things simple).  That's it.  They get ONE.  At the end of the day, they turn it in for points.  It is returned to them the next day, sharpened and ready for business.  I am determined to stop whoever is chewing on, breaking apart, and pulling the erasers off all of our pencils!  So far, it is working like a charm.  Not a single bite mark or mangled metal....ew, who would want to do that, anyway???

Special thanks to Farrah Shipley for this wonderful intervention!

Our school is dabbling in the Leader in Me movement, and I am trying to implement their 7 Habits of Happy Kids into my classroom.  After learning about each habit, we always write about how we can demonstrate the habit in our own lives.  These were terrific-

"I can think win-win when my mom asks me to do my homework.  I know when I'm done I can play."

"I set a timer for playing and then I do my homework.  I get a snack, then I play for a little bit.  I think that homework is fun."

"My sister had the tablet.  I asked if I could play on it.  My mom said yes.  Heidi cried so I let her watch me."

Grab a copy of these writing prompts for free here!

This little sweetie was our guest reader today!  
She was in my class last year, and the kids were so excited to hear her read the Elephant and Piggy book, I swear you could hear a pin drop!  She earned "Read to Last Year's Teacher" with her Dojo points!  
So proud of her!

And lastly, after school on Friday I took my boys to 5 Guys for the first time.
3 out of 3 Seigel boys are now huge 5 Guys fans! :)

Have a terrific week, friends!


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