Friday, May 29, 2015

Five for Friday!

I have so much to catch up on!  May has flown by with lots of wonderful memories, so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to chat about my top five (not in any special order).   :) 

Mother's Day!
We always paint pots to take home to our moms, but this year, we added a little something special!
The kids added their sweet faces to a paper flower, then I laminated them and hot-glued a couple of popsicle sticks so they would stand up.  They turned out really cute!
Here is the poem that we put on our homemade cards for all the sweet mommas:
Click on the poem to download it for free!

This year we did our first Balloon Pop!
 I simply typed up 10 days of simple, mostly free activities (bubbles at recess, desk mix-up, autograph day, etc.) and rolled each day's surprise so I could insert it in the balloon before blowing it up.
I wrote the date for the activity on the balloon with a sharpie,
and tied them all together to the easel. 

 Each day we popped a new balloon and it was a BIG DEAL, let me tell you.  No matter what the surprise was, they all squealed with excitement and were THRILLED with to get to do something special.  I can't believe I've never done this before!  It is definitely a must-do every year from now on. :)

Field Day was .... different this year.  Our fabulous PE teachers planned a really jam-packed, fun day for us, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate.  We got to do a few rotations first thing in the morning, but then we got moved inside to escape the torrential downpour. 
 Here are a few fun pics from the day:
Love this little girl and her sassy tee!
One of my students had a cast on her arm, so she couldn't participate in much.  I gave her my cell phone, though, and made her our class photographer.  Let's just say she took her job very seriously!  I had to delete hundreds of photos, but some were really good, like this one of our class playing Hungry Hungry Hippos in the gym:

We went Life Cycle C-R-A-Z-Y and had butterflies, plants, and chicks!  
So much fun at the end of the year! 

 Our principal bought the whole team incubators and all the other equipment this year, and we ended up having great success with our hatching:

For the last day of school, I printed off copies of Kristen Smith's Summer is Here! pack.  
This terrific unit has weekly packets of daily review...just a few spiraled problems each day to keep the students fresh and ready for second grade. 
Each week's packet ends with a choice of rewards that are easy for parents to implement.  Love it!

 I added a baggie of Bookworms to each bucket for a little sweet treat for my little friends:

And lastly, our apple tree.  Here is how it looked on the first day of school:
And here it is on the last day of school:
 As students moved up reading levels, they earned apples for the tree with their name and reading level on them.  I do this every year and it is so motivating for the kiddos!  They will read every night if I ask them to so that they can earn an apple for our tree.  SUCCESS!

I want to close with a few pics from my oldest daughter's college graduation this month.  She graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering and we couldn't be more proud!  She accepted a job in Dallas and we only have another month with her here in the KC area....I can't even imagine what life will be like with her living out of state, but we are very, very excited for her to start on her amazing new journey.

I hope you are all enjoying your last few weeks of school ... 
I'm getting ready to start Summer School on Monday, so wish me luck!

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  1. We didn't even get to talk chickens! We incubated in my room last year and I now have 4 hens that call my backyard home! I LOVE CHICKENS!


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